help children on a mountain village in Nepal to go to school!

About us


Thade School Project is a non-profit charity organization supporting a school in Thade, a mountain village in Nepal. 

The school - Grace Academy Thade - opened in 2015 when the school building was completed after two years of work.

In November 2021, we have 5 teachers and 36 students in the school from preschool to class 7, about as many boys as girls.

Our goal is to work through good and long lasting relationships among everyone involved. Thade School Project extended family includes ourselves, the staff and the students in the school, our donors and volunteers. The school is run by donations from companies and private persons.

In grace acedemy thade, every girl and boy has

an equal opportunity

to attend school and benefit from education.

Our goal is to

Give children from Thade and the surrounding village the possibility for a primary school education.

Create a safe, including and respectful learning environment in the school.

Give all students in the school equal opportunities to participate in all school activities. 

From left

  • Tika Magar
  • Kumari Magar
  • Abhinav Subba
  • Kishan Gurung 
  • Saraswati Magar

The teachers

Thade School Project team

Saran Subba

Leads the work and coordinates all contacts in Nepal.  Founded Thade School Project with Christina.

Robert Cesar

Secretary of the organisation.

Petra Noord

Cashier of the organisation.

Christina Subba Sandström Founded Thade School Project with Saran in 2009.

Heidi Ek

Project manager and chariman for the organisation. Founded the organisation in 2013.

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